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May. 5th, 2014


(no subject)

Here is my view from Sanibel. How can this day be bad.  I hope you all have a great day.


May. 2nd, 2014


Bundy Ranch Militia Operating Illegal Checkpoints

I normally don't post on political issues, but our country seems to be going to the white padded room every second. I heard about this in one of the many podcasts I listen to. It is just scary. My father lives in Las Vegas, and he seems quite alright with it. He is I must admit a bit...necrotic. This is where my sister inherited hers from.

In Oklahoma, both houses and the governor passed legislation allowing utility companies to impose fines on people who have solar panels on their houses. Really? They have just basically made it illegal for anyone to use the free power the sun gives us. Ohio tried to do this when we were still there. Since the government decided to get rid of the light bulb and go with a more eco friendly bulbs. The electric company sent everyone two bulbs and charged them for the unwanted bulbs. They also were allowed to charge everyone a monthly fee for said bulbs, because they were loosing money on the energy efficient bulbs and they needed to make up the missed revenue.

I won't even go into the new gun laws coming to pass. Nothing as of late is making this American feel very safe.

Feb. 14th, 2014


Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day

hope it's a great day for you all.


Orchid complimets of one of my cuatomers.


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Feb. 2nd, 2014

bw will

Super Bowl Sunday 2014 Poll

We thought we'd take a little ride on our bikes after cleaning up the house a bit. There is a couple of pastures in which you may see cows or alpacas. They also have some great looking trees.

sunday ride

If you're out watching the game tonight, be careful going home, there will be a lot of annoyed inebriated people out there. And because who doesn't like to click . . .

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Oct. 31st, 2013

bw will

Floridian Wildlife

I made two bird houses, one blue one red; Cleveland Indians colors.  As they are are hanging on our front porch I don't expect a bird to make a home.


It seems a Gecko has decided it was perfect for him and had made a home.  He's been there a little more than a week, does this mean we should add his name to the post box?


Sep. 22nd, 2013

bw will

First Day of Fall

Down here in Florida it is hard to know when the changing of the season has arrived. In Ohio, Mother Nature told you such things. Cooler weather, leaves change color and fall, more grey cloudy skies. Down here you need someone to inform you.

First day of Fall, 2013

I am sitting on the lanai watching an adolescent gecko dart in and out for breakfast of a but of sorts. He's quite cute. I looked up to this sunrise. This is what fall looks like down here. I hope your starts just as pretty.

Jul. 21st, 2013



We have awesome friends.  A package came from the west coast on Friday containing these audio books. 


Thank you so much lena3.  I will start these tomorrow.   

May. 13th, 2013

bw will

House of Representatives Votes to Alter 40-Hour Work Week |

House of Representatives Votes to Alter 40-Hour Work Week |

This is just absolutely appalling. I can not fathom how hour elected officials have been able to put this through and let it get as far as it has. What are they trying to do to the American workers, put us in sweat shops again, with little or no pay?

I mean where does it stop? Is there next step to make a Max ~ wage? No one who isn't pure blood can make over 12,000 a year? I know, I know I tend to take the extremist view, but really is it? For some reason I feel as though our country is being turned into Barter Town.

I wonder when was the last time our Elected officials in Washington have even worked a forty hour week, let alone a fifty hour work week?

May. 12th, 2013

bw will

Happy Mothers Day Ladies

Fort Myers Church

Saw this in Fort Myers Proper at an All Faiths church. Beautiful day for all you Mum's.

Feb. 7th, 2013


R L and books

This morning I had an appointment to have my eyes checked. Not to bad, need a different prescription. Looked at glasses, found two I liked, but the total is quite a l

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