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Hogwarts Houses.

I'm sure this has been seen by just about every one, but for those who haven't seen it, click and have some fun. This made me laugh.

Which Harry Potter House Do You Belong In?

Posted by The Try Guys on Thursday, May 21, 2015

For some reason beyond me, I thought of alisanne when I saw this. LOL

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Pic spam ( again )

I really do need to write something. Well I have been working on an original fic here and there but I'm not sure it's ready for posting. Therefore, once again here is another pic from our yard. This is a Bird of Paradise wolfiekins got me for my birthday in March of 2012. It has grown immensely, being that it is taller than our pool cage, but this is the first time it has actually bloomed. The problem with this type of B.o.P. is that it has a lot of sap that it drops. As you can see, the ants love it.

If you click the image you can see the larger picture.

I hope you are all having a good weekend. If I've missed something you think I should have seen, place a comment in the comment section, and I'll go directly to it.

Icons what the heck

This is frustrating. I have other gif icons, and I wanted to make this one...

If you look at my current icon, it isn't moving. Does anyone have a clue as to how I would go about making this a moving icon?

In other news, we are enjoying the baseball season and watching the Tribe on the telly. Currently the Indians are beating the Astros 4-0. Go Tribe. Anything good going on for you all?



We were having issues with our internet / home phone. Centery Link came out and it is now fixed.

Happy Easter to those who celebrate, happy Sunday to the rest of you all. This is on our lanai, thought you all could use a little pretty.

Yes, I still exist

I can't believe it's been so long since I've logged in and checked in with you all. I've seen some pretty disturbing legislation these past few days. I'm sure by now everyone has heard about Indiana. Sigh.

I wonder if you have heard about the Kill the Gays Bill? This is not the one from another country but here in the states, particularity California. Now where a friend in California assures me this will never make the balled, it still makes me sick and nervous to tell the truth. It seems it is only as easy as $200.oo fee to get the process going.

Can it truly be this easy, or close to let bigotry come up for a vote? Is the freedoms we LGBT's have won be the prequel to religious extremists here in the states as in the Middle East? Or could it just be lack of my med's has turned on my anger again?

Anyway, here is a link to an article about the proposed bill.

Kill Gays.

Well I am off to watch a new movie, or well new to us.

New Fun

It's been a while since I've posted. It's been a busy few weeks. We have been catching up on shows we watch and have missed and a few new shows. Even though BBC cancelled the show this is a great show. Why is it when we find a great show, it is cancelled. This is an AWESOME Show.

In the flesh

I've just read a book, madam_minnie turned me on to.


Book descriptionCollapse )

And it has a sequel


Book descriptionCollapse )

I've not read the sequel yet, but I have it coming in book form, not just in kindle version. So far this week is going pretty good, I got done with work early: not happened in ages. I hope the rest of the week goes as smoothly.

Hope your week goes smoothly too.

The side affects of being sick

It seems along with being sick I've written for two more fics and have no idea what I signed up for. My muse wasn't cooperating to begin with and my mind is just absent as well.

I've updated my resume and will be looking for another job so I can have the weekends off, as it is not possible in my current job. Saturdays are a must for the weekly rentals on Captiva. It truly sucks to live in sunny Florida and not be able to see the wonders. We have flisters that live a mere three hours from us and we've not been able to go and visit in three years.

My boss told me when I first was contemplating leaving the company that he's hate to lose me as I was a good employee and to let him know before I do leave so he can try and do what ever it takes to keep me. Being that I have more pools than the other two workers, yeah I know the boss adjust pools according to the difficulty of the pools, it just seems that so many of the new pools are next to or close to pools I already do, so it makes sense that I would do them. He keeps telling me they'll be easy, but when the wind blows they fill with leaves and it's no longer easy. People also decide to put plants around their lanais or on their lanais that shed leave constantly and they end up in the pool. I know my job is to clean pools but it takes twice as long to clean them and I end up working ten to twelve hours and get no over time as I am salary.

Anyway enough ranting. I hope you all have a good week.


Stupid People in expensive cars

First off I am a very angry driver. I try to drive calmly but people just make me go over the edge with their driving. I shout a lot. To my credit I've never shot anyone or ran anyone off the road.

While driving home I was coming up to the toll both for the Cape Coral bridge. Three left lanes are pay tolls. Right lane is Sun Pass. The over pass empties just before the booths. I was cut off by some ass in a silver Lexus who decided his need to cross three lanes of traffic was more important than me driving in my lane. I slammed on my breaks and then, as they say this always happens, it was a slow motion view of that same ass driving into the side of a Ford 250. Ass hole didn't make it through the toll, the truck was more sturdy.

I did toot and wave as I drove into my booth.

For some reason a lot of the Mercedes, Lexus, BMW, Acure, ect, drivers believe the roads belong to them and you have no right to drive on their roads. I get so many dirty mouth opened looks because I stay in my lane and do the speed limit. I'm truly sorry but I do not yield to someone who's car will hit me if I don't slow down. Like I said, I do the speed limit.

Sorry just had to vent a little and I wanted to remember this bit of just deserts. If I didn't know better, I'd say a Trickster was driving that Ford 250.

Further Equality in the U.S.

I'm sure everyone has seen this around already, but as I've yet to see it here on LJ from my flist I thought I'd share it with you all. As I'm sure most of you have heard, gays, lesbians and transgenders can now get married here in the state of Florida.

equality in america

It is nice to finally live in a state that treats us equally, or at least when it comes to marriage. In Ohio, our previous state, it is still not allowed and may be coming up to the Supreme Court to decide this year. Crosses fingers for all those people in Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, Louisiana, and Tennessee.

Ringing out the old and bringing in the new

Well this has been a hell of a month. Before Christmas I got a chest cold, in that I was coughing constantly all throughout Christmas. It finally left right before the new year. Then however on the 29th of December, after recovering fully from my cough, I got the shingles. I've heard of them before and know a few people who have had them as well, but damn are they miserable.

I have them in a most inconvenient place, and like all the commercials say, they are quite painful and spread quickly. For my part at least they are not itchy. I went up to the clinic on New Years Day, and the doctor almost immediately and with a little happy tone said "Oh, you've got shingles." Here I thought it was just an old persons disease, but he said anyone who has had chicken pox can get them anytime your immune system goes down. With my chest cold and probably a bit of anxiety from work my immune system had been compromised enough to break out.

Of course being New Years Day all the pharmacies were closed and I had to wait until Friday to get my meds. I left work early Friday in lots of pain and nauseous. One of my co-workers came in on his day off to relieve me. I've been off since and will be off Monday too.

My kingdom for a new body, it is hell getting old.

In happier news, I had joined two fests and completed both fics on time. I've posted my Twins fic over at hptwinsmut this morning. You should all go over and read some great fic and peruse some wonderful icons, banners, and headers. There are twelve days of twin smut there to look at. Not just Weasley twins either.

My resolution is to keep up with my flist and post more often.

Happy New Year everyone.

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