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Hello there! koshweasley here.

I write Slash. That would be Male/Male sex acts, if you're offended by this, or are underage and still read it...you need a spanking. I am over 40, you don't get to know the exact age.

I write slash, and love Harry Potter, Supernatural and Sci-fy. Since moving to a new state I don't get online as much as I used to or like. I do try, as I have so many wonderful friends, those online and those online that we've met in person. wolfiekins is my better half and I love you so much. :D

I am currently attempting to write an original fic inspired by my new profession. Cross your fingers with me that I'm able to finish it.


AGE STATEMENT: I am well over 18 and of legal age to view/enjoy adult materials.

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